Ollie dog food, known for its high-quality, human-grade ingredients, is a popular choice among pet owners seeking nutritious meals for their furry friends. With its minimally processed recipes and nutrient-dense formulations, Ollie ensures that dogs receive the best possible nutrition.

However, one common question among pet owners is: “How long is Ollie dog food good for?” Understanding the shelf life and proper storage of Ollie dog food is crucial to maintaining its quality and safety.


Why is Proper Storage Important?

Proper storage of dog food is essential to preserve its nutritional value and prevent spoilage. Fresh dog food, like Ollie, contains no preservatives, making it more susceptible to bacterial growth and degradation if not stored correctly.

Ensuring that the food remains safe and nutritious not only protects your dog’s health but also ensures they get the most out of their meals.

Shelf Life of Ollie Dog Food


Once thawed and stored in the refrigerator, Ollie dog food can last up to four days. It is important to keep the food in an airtight container to prevent contamination and preserve freshness.

Whether the package is opened or unopened, the four-day guideline remains the same. Always check for any signs of spoilage, such as an off smell or discoloration, before feeding it to your dog.


For longer storage, Ollie dog food can be kept in the freezer for up to six months. It is advisable to defrost the food in the refrigerator 24 hours before serving to maintain its texture and flavor.

Avoid refreezing food that has been fully thawed, as this can affect its quality and safety. However, if the food has only partially defrosted, it can be refrozen without significant loss of quality.

How to Store Ollie Dog Food

  1. Initial Storage: Upon receiving your Ollie dog food shipment, immediately place the packets in the freezer unless you plan to use them within the next few days. This helps maintain their nutritional integrity and prevents spoilage.
  2. Thawing: When ready to serve, transfer the needed packets from the freezer to the refrigerator at least 24 hours before feeding time. This slow thawing process preserves the texture and flavor of the food.
  3. Refrigeration: Keep thawed food in the refrigerator and consume it within four days. Use a sealed container to prevent exposure to air and contaminants.
  4. Portion Control: Use the provided scoop to measure out your dog’s meals accurately, helping to ensure that you don’t waste any food and that your dog gets the right portion sizes.


Can you refreeze Ollie dog food?

Yes, you can refreeze Ollie dog food if it has only been partially defrosted. Fully defrosted food should not be refrozen to maintain its quality and safety​.

How long does Ollie dog food last in the fridge?

Once placed in the refrigerator, Ollie dog food lasts for up to four days, whether opened or unopened​​.

What happens if I feed my dog expired food?

Feeding your dog expired food can lead to health issues such as stomach upset, food poisoning, or nutrient deficiencies. Always check the expiration date and look for signs of spoilage.

Why does Ollie dog food need to be refrigerated?

Ollie dog food needs to be refrigerated because it contains no preservatives, making it prone to bacterial growth if left at room temperature for extended periods.


Proper storage of Ollie dog food is essential to maintain its quality and nutritional value. By following the recommended guidelines for refrigeration and freezing, you can ensure that your dog enjoys safe and nutritious meals.

Always observe the shelf life and storage instructions to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

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