Are you a proud dog parent who has fed your furry friend the nutritious and delightful meals from Ollie? Or perhaps you’ve just heard of this increasingly popular brand and are curious about its reach. As an American, you might be wondering, “Is Ollie dog food available in Canada?

Especially if you’re considering a move or a long trip to the Great White North with your pet. Well, we’ve got the answers to this question and more in this detailed guide. Let’s dive in!

What is Ollie Dog Food?

For those uninitiated, Ollie is not just another dog food brand. Founded on the principle of providing fresh, wholesome, and custom meals to dogs, Ollie has become one of the top names in the pet food industry.

It’s not just about filling your dog’s bowl; it’s about giving them a balanced, nutritious, and palate-pleasing meal every time.

Launched in the U.S., the brand’s focus on high-quality ingredients and tailoring meals to each dog’s unique needs has set it apart. This personal touch ensures that whether your dog is a tiny Chihuahua or a majestic Great Dane, they get a meal proportioned to their size, breed, and health needs.

Ollie Dog Food Ingredients
Ollie Dog Food Ingredients

Is Ollie Dog Food Available in Canada?

Ollie Dog Food has earned positive reviews for its high-quality ingredients, excellent customer service, and the benefits observed in dogs consuming their meals, such as better digestion, shinier coats, and optimized energy.

However, it’s important to note that Ollie doesn’t appear to deliver outside the continental United States, which means they do NOT deliver to Canada.

Ollie is happy to deliver their dog food to customers in the United States, covering all the states in the continental U.S. — that’s a total of 48 states!

If you’re traveling within the continental U.S. and it’s just a temporary stay, no worries! Ollie can send your furry friend’s food to your temporary address, ensuring they continue enjoying their meals without interruption.

For those planning a vacation or if you’re going abroad, Ollie doesn’t offer international shipping at this time. But the good news is, you can easily pause your subscription. This way, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s food deliveries while you’re away, and you can resume them once you’re back

Ollie does Not Deliver to Canada

For more information and to check for any updates regarding their delivery areas, you can visit Ollie’s official website.

Why Would U.S. Residents be Interested in Ollie’s Availability in Canada?

Considering Ollie’s growing reputation, many American dog owners traveling or relocating to Canada may naturally want to continue offering this top-tier food to their pets.

Others might simply be curious about recommending it to their Canadian counterparts or seeing how a beloved U.S. brand fares internationally.

How Ollie Compares to Popular Canadian Dog Food Brands:

If, for any reason, Ollie hasn’t yet reached Canadian shores or isn’t the ideal option during your stay, it’s worth exploring local Canadian brands. Canada boasts a plethora of dog food brands that prioritize fresh, organic ingredients, just like Ollie.

Some popular names include “Canadian Naturals,” “Acana,” and “Orijen.” Each of these has its unique selling points. For instance, Acana and Orijen, both products of Champion Petfoods, are known for biologically appropriate diets, emphasizing fresh regional ingredients.

While Ollie customizes meals, Canadian brands might offer varied formulations suited to different breeds, sizes, and ages. The key is to ensure the chosen food aligns with your dog’s dietary and health requirements.

What U.S. Residents Need to Know When Traveling to Canada with Dog Food

Traveling internationally with pets can be challenging, especially when considering food regulations. If you’re insistent on maintaining your dog’s current diet while transitioning to Canada temporarily, you should be aware of Canadian import regulations.

Generally, Canada allows pet food imports from the U.S., but there are restrictions. It’s crucial to ensure the dog food is commercially packaged, hasn’t been exposed to contamination, and is for your dog’s consumption only. Traveling with large quantities might raise eyebrows at the border, so always be prepared with proper documentation and reasoning.


Why isn’t Ollie dog food available in Canada?

While specific reasons might vary, international expansions face challenges like regulatory hurdles, supply chain logistics, and market research.

Are there any comparable fresh dog food subscription services in Canada?

Yes, Canada has seen a rise in fresh dog food subscription services. Brands like “Kabo” and “Pets Plate” are gaining traction, offering fresh, custom meals.

How can U.S. residents ensure their dog’s dietary needs are met while staying in Canada?

Research and prepare in advance. Canada has an array of high-quality pet food brands. Consulting with a local vet can also provide insights tailored to your dog’s needs.

What are the health benefits of feeding dogs Ollie’s meals?

Ollie emphasizes fresh ingredients without fillers or artificial additives. Such meals enhance digestion, energy levels, skin health, and overall vitality.

Can U.S. residents order Ollie for delivery to a Canadian address?

As of now, direct deliveries to Canada might be limited. It’s best to consult Ollie’s official website or customer service for precise information.


While the availability of Ollie dog food in Canada might fluctuate, what remains constant is the need to prioritize our pets’ health and nutrition. Whether you’re sticking with Ollie or exploring a new brand, always keep your dog’s best interests at heart. Happy feeding to your furry friend, wherever you might be!

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