Choosing the right dog food is crucial for the health and happiness of your canine companion. This comprehensive review compares Ollie and Luvsome dog foods, focusing on ingredients, nutritional value, product variety, pricing, customer satisfaction, and more.

Ollie Dog Food

Ollie was founded with the mission to provide fresh, high-quality dog food made from human-grade ingredients. The company emphasizes personalized meal plans tailored to the specific needs of each dog.

Luvsome Dog Food

Luvsome is a brand under Kroger that aims to offer affordable yet nutritious dog food options. The brand prides itself on providing balanced meals with real meat and wholesome grains.


Ollie vs. Luvsome: Ingredients and Quality


  • Ingredients: Ollie uses high-quality, human-grade ingredients such as real meat (turkey, beef, chicken, lamb) and fresh vegetables. The recipes avoid fillers, artificial additives, and by-products.
  • Nutritional Balance: The food is formulated by veterinary nutritionists to ensure a balanced diet. Ingredients like fish oil and cod liver oil provide essential omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Ingredients: Luvsome includes real meat (chicken, beef, salmon, turkey) as primary protein sources, combined with wholesome grains like brown rice and sweet potatoes. Vitamins and minerals are added to support overall health.
  • Nutritional Balance: The recipes are designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs at different life stages. They include high-quality protein, carbohydrates for energy, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Ollie vs Luvsome: Nutritional Value

Ollie Dog Food Nutritonal Value

  • Protein: High-quality protein from real meat.
  • Fats: Includes healthy fats from sources like fish oil.
  • Carbohydrates: Includes vegetables and grains for energy and digestion.

Luvsome Dog Food Nutritional Value

  • Protein: Real meat as the primary source.
  • Fats: Includes necessary fats for skin and coat health.
  • Carbohydrates: Uses grains and vegetables to support digestion and energy.

Ollie vs Luvsome: Product Variety

Ollie Dog Food

  • Meal Plans: Offers full fresh, half fresh, and mixed bowl plans.
  • Recipes: Multiple recipes including turkey, beef, chicken, and lamb. Each recipe is tailored to the dog’s needs based on the profile provided during the order process.

Luvsome Dog Food

  • Dry Food: Offers various flavors and formulations for puppies, adults, and seniors.
  • Wet Food: Available in cans or pouches, suitable for dogs with dental issues or those needing extra hydration.
  • Treats: Includes nutritious treats for training and rewarding.

Ollie vs Luvsome: Price Comparison

Ollie’s Cost

Generally more expensive due to the high-quality, human-grade ingredients and personalized meal plans. Prices can range from $3.50 to $11 per day depending on the dog’s size and needs.

Luvsome’s Cost

More affordable, catering to budget-conscious pet owners. Prices vary by product type but are generally lower than Ollie.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Ollie Dog Food Feedback:

Generally positive, with customers praising the quality of ingredients, health benefits, and convenience of the subscription service. Some concerns about cost and short shelf life in the fridge.

Luvsome Dog Food Feedback:

Mixed reviews with praise for affordability and ingredient quality. Some concerns about the inclusion of artificial colors and fillers in certain products.

Ollie vs Luvsome Pros & Cons


  • Pros: High-quality, fresh ingredients; personalized meal plans; significant health benefits.
  • Cons: Higher cost; requires refrigeration and thawing; not suitable for very specific dietary needs.


  • Pros: Affordable; uses real meat and wholesome grains; available in various formulations.
  • Cons: Includes some controversial ingredients like artificial colors; less transparency about sourcing.

Ollie vs. Luvsome Dog Food: Comparison Table

FeatureOllie Dog FoodLuvsome Dog Food
IngredientsHuman-grade, fresh ingredientsReal meat, wholesome grains
Nutritional BalanceBalanced by vet nutritionistsBalanced with vitamins/minerals
Product VarietyCustom meal plansDry, wet, treats
CostHigherMore affordable
Customer ReviewsPositive, high satisfactionMixed, affordability praised


Is Ollie Dog Food suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, Ollie provides personalized meal plans suitable for various breeds and sizes.

Does Luvsome Dog Food offer grain-free options?

Yes, Luvsome offers grain-free alternatives along with traditional grain-inclusive recipes.

How can I store Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie food arrives frozen and should be thawed in the fridge. It lasts up to four days once thawed and up to six months when frozen.


Both Ollie and Luvsome have their strengths. Ollie excels in ingredient quality and personalized nutrition but comes at a higher cost. Luvsome offers affordable, balanced meals but includes some controversial ingredients.

The choice depends on your budget and your dog’s specific dietary needs. If you prioritize fresh, human-grade ingredients and can manage the higher cost, Ollie is an excellent choice. For those on a budget looking for nutritious options, Luvsome is a viable alternative.

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