In today’s world, pet owners are more attentive than ever to the dietary needs of their furry friends. This growing interest in high-quality dog food reflects a broader trend towards healthier, more nutritious options.

As we become more aware of the impact of diet on our dogs’ health, longevity, and happiness, the demand for premium dog food brands has surged. Among these, Ollie Dog Food and Maev Raw Dog Food have emerged as notable contenders.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into a comparison of these two brands, focusing on their history, product range, and key features, especially emphasizing the importance of nutritional value in dog food.

Ollie vs. Maev Raw

Brief History

Ollie Dog Food, founded with a mission to provide tailored nutrition for dogs, has quickly made a name for itself in the pet food industry. Born out of a desire to offer healthier, more wholesome alternatives to traditional dog food, Ollie emphasizes natural ingredients and customized meal plans.

Product Range

Their product line includes a variety of recipes, each formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs at different life stages. From chicken and beef to lamb and turkey, Ollie’s menu is as diverse as it is nutritious, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences and requirements.

Key Features

Key features of Ollie Dog Food include:

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Ollie prides itself on using human-grade ingredients in their meals, ensuring a high standard of quality and safety.
  • Customization: Understanding that every dog is different, Ollie offers personalized meal plans based on each dog’s age, breed, activity level, and allergies.
  • Nutritional Balance: Each recipe is designed in collaboration with veterinarians to ensure a well-balanced diet, rich in proteins, vegetables, and essential nutrients.
Ollie Dog Food Review

Brief History

Maev Raw Dog Food entered the market with a revolutionary approach – offering raw, unprocessed meals for dogs. Their philosophy hinges on the belief that dogs thrive on a diet that closely mimics what their ancestors ate in the wild.

Product Range

Maev’s product line is distinct for its focus on raw food. Their offerings include raw meals and vitamin bars, providing a holistic approach to dog nutrition. This range caters particularly to pet owners looking for grain-free, high-protein options.

Key Features

The standout features of Maev Raw Dog Food include:

  • Raw Food Focus: Maev’s commitment to raw food aims to deliver unprocessed, nutrient-rich meals that are easily digestible and beneficial for dogs’ health.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Their meals are designed to support everything from a dog’s coat and skin health to their digestive and immune systems.
  • Whole-Body Health: Beyond just meals, Maev also offers vitamin bars and other products designed to promote overall health and wellbeing in dogs.
Maev Raw Dog Food Review

When comparing Ollie Dog Food and Maev Raw, it’s crucial to consider the nutritional value each brand offers. Both brands bring unique approaches to dog nutrition!

Ollie with its customized, cooked meals and Maev with its raw, ancestral diet-inspired offerings. The decision between them should hinge on understanding your dog’s specific nutritional needs, lifestyle, and any health considerations.

Quality of Ingredients: Ollie Dog Food vs Maev Raw

When selecting the right dog food, the quality of ingredients is paramount. Let’s take a closer look at what Ollie and Maev offer in terms of ingredients and their sources.

Ollie’s approach to ingredients is centered around freshness and quality. They use human-grade components, which means their food is made from ingredients that are fit for human consumption.

This is a significant step above the typical pet-grade ingredients found in many commercial dog foods. Key aspects include:

  • Proteins: Ollie offers a variety of protein sources like chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb. These proteins are sourced responsibly and are of high quality.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: They incorporate a mix of fruits and vegetables, providing essential vitamins and minerals. These include superfoods like sweet potatoes and blueberries, known for their health benefits.
  • Whole Grains: For dogs that are not grain-sensitive, Ollie includes healthy grains like brown rice and quinoa, which are excellent energy sources.
ollie ingredients

Maev stands out for its commitment to raw, unprocessed ingredients. Their belief is that a raw diet offers benefits that closely mirror a dog’s natural ancestral diet. Here’s what their ingredient list generally includes:

  • Raw Meats: Maev’s primary ingredient is raw meat, which is a rich source of protein and essential amino acids. They offer a range of meats, including chicken, beef, and turkey.
  • Bone Content: An integral part of their raw diet is ground bone, which is a natural source of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Organ Meats and Vegetables: Organ meats are nutrient-dense and provide vitamins and minerals. Vegetables in their meals add fiber and additional nutrients.
Maev Ingredients

In comparing Ollie and Maev, it’s clear that both prioritize high-quality ingredients. Ollie’s use of human-grade ingredients ensures a high safety and quality standard, while Maev’s raw diet approach reflects a commitment to a natural, unprocessed diet.

The choice between the two might come down to personal preference for cooked vs. raw diets and any specific dietary needs your dog may have.

Understanding the nutritional breakdown of each brand’s products is crucial for determining which is more suitable for your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Ollie’s meals are designed to be nutritionally complete and balanced. They include:

  • Proteins: High-quality meats providing essential amino acids.
  • Fats: Healthy fats for energy and coat health.
  • Carbohydrates: Complex carbs for sustained energy.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: A balanced mix, ensuring overall health and wellbeing.

Maev focuses on raw nutrition, which includes:

  • High Protein Content: Emphasizing muscle growth and maintenance.
  • Natural Enzymes: Present in raw foods, aiding in digestion.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Directly sourced from raw ingredients for maximum absorption.

  • For Different Sizes: Ollie’s personalized plans can cater to the specific caloric needs of different dog sizes, while Maev’s raw diet is rich in proteins, beneficial for all sizes but particularly advantageous for active or larger breeds.
  • For Different Ages: Puppies, adults, and senior dogs have different nutritional needs. Ollie’s customized meals can cater to these life stages, whereas Maev’s raw diet offers a high level of bioavailable nutrients essential for all life stages.
  • For Different Breeds: Some breeds may benefit more from the high-protein diet offered by Maev, especially those requiring more energy. Ollie’s approach is more versatile, offering tailored solutions for breeds with specific dietary needs.

Ollie and Maev offer high nutritional value but in different ways. Ollie provides tailored, cooked meals suitable for a wide range of dogs, while Maev offers a raw, protein-rich diet that mimics a natural ancestral diet.

Ollie Dog Food image 2
Ollie Menues

Product Variety and Customization: Ollie vs. Maev

When it comes to dog food, variety and the ability to customize meals based on a dog’s specific needs are key factors for pet owners. Let’s delve into how Ollie and Maev fare in these aspects.

Ollie offers a variety of recipes, including:

  • Protein Options: Choices like chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb.
  • Supplementary Treats: In addition to their main meals, Ollie provides healthy dog treats.
  • Tailored Meal Plans: Based on a detailed questionnaire about your dog’s age, breed, activity level, and allergies, Ollie creates customized meal plans.
  • Portion Control: They provide pre-portioned meals based on your dog’s caloric needs.
Ollie Supplements
Ollie Supplements

Maev’s focus is more specific, primarily offering:

  • Raw Meals: These include various raw meat options, organ meats, and bone content.
  • Vitamin Bars: Designed to supplement their raw meals.
  • Less Emphasis on Customization: While Maev provides high-quality raw meals, there’s less focus on personalization compared to Ollie. They do offer different pack sizes and types but with limited customization based on individual dog profiles.
Maev Supplements
Maev Supplements

Ollie takes the lead in customization, offering personalized meal plans tailored to individual dogs’ needs. Maev, while offering high-quality raw food, lacks the same level of meal customization.

Pricing and Value: Ollie vs. Maev

Comparing the pricing models of these brands is essential to understand their value proposition.

  • Subscription-Based: Ollie operates on a subscription model. The price varies based on the size of the dog and meal frequency.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Considering the quality of ingredients and the customization, Ollie presents a higher value for pet owners looking for tailored nutrition.
  • Raw Diet Premium: Maev’s pricing reflects its niche market. The raw diet generally comes at a premium due to its high-quality ingredients.
  • Bulk Buying Options: Buying larger quantities can offer some cost savings.

While both brands may be pricier than average dog food, Ollie offers more personalized nutrition, which can be a significant value add for specific dietary needs.

Maev’s value lies in its raw, unprocessed food approach, appealing to those who prefer a natural diet for their pets.

Ease of Ordering and Delivery

The convenience of ordering and delivery is a crucial factor for many pet owners.

  • User-Friendly Website: Ollie’s website makes it easy to set up and manage subscriptions.
  • Delivery Frequency: Customers can choose their delivery schedule.
  • Packaging: Meals are delivered in refrigerated boxes to maintain freshness.
  • Straightforward Ordering: Maev also offers an easy online ordering system.
  • Delivery Options: While offering regular delivery, the options may be less flexible compared to Ollie.
  • Packaging: Similar to Ollie, Maev uses specialized packaging to keep the raw food fresh.

Ollie and Maev both provide convenient ordering and delivery, with Ollie offering more flexibility in terms of meal planning and scheduling. Packaging and delivery methods are comparable, focusing on maintaining the freshness and quality of the food.

Ollie stands out for its variety, high level of meal customization, and flexible subscription service, making it a good choice for those who prioritize tailored nutrition.

Maev, on the other hand, appeals to those looking for a premium raw diet, although it comes with less customization and a slightly less flexible subscription model.

Both brands maintain high standards in terms of quality, but the best choice will depend on your dog’s specific needs and your personal preferences.

Ollie Dog Food Delivery

Customer Reviews and Feedback

  • Health Benefits: Many customers report improvements in their dogs’ coat, energy levels, and overall health after switching to Ollie.
  • Customization and Convenience: The tailored meal plans and pre-portioned packs are highly praised for their convenience.
  • Cost: A common complaint is the higher price point compared to standard dog food.
  • Portion Sizes: Some customers have mentioned that portion sizes can be too small for very active or larger breeds.
Ollie Dog Food image
Ollie Dog Food

  • Quality of Ingredients: Customers appreciate the raw, unprocessed nature of Maev’s food and the visible quality of the ingredients.
  • Dog’s Enjoyment: Many note that their dogs seem to love the taste of Maev’s raw meals.
  • Transition to Raw Diet: Some dogs might take time to adjust to a raw diet, and a few customers mentioned digestive issues during this transition.
  • Limited Variety: Unlike Ollie, Maev offers less variety, which some customers wish was broader.
Maew Raw Dog Food
Maew Raw Dog Food

Overall, both Ollie and Maev have their loyal customer bases. Ollie is often praised for its customization and health benefits, while Maev is favored for its raw diet quality.

The main critiques for Ollie revolve around cost and portion sizes, while for Maev, it’s about the transition to raw food and limited variety.

Pros and Cons

  • Customizable meal plans tailored to individual dog’s needs.
  • High-quality, human-grade ingredients.
  • Convenience of pre-portioned meals.
  • More expensive than many traditional dog foods.
  • Portion sizes may not be sufficient for all dogs.

  • High-quality, raw ingredients mimicking a natural canine diet.
  • Positive impact on health and energy levels.
  • Transition to raw food can be challenging for some dogs.
  • Less variety and customization options.

Final Verdict

In summing up, both Ollie and Maev offer unique approaches to dog nutrition. Ollie’s strengths lie in its personalized meal plans and convenience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking tailored nutrition for their dogs.

Maev, with its focus on raw, unprocessed food, appeals to those who prefer a more natural diet for their pets.

  • For Dogs with Specific Dietary Needs: Ollie might be the better choice due to its high level of customization.
  • For Dogs Suited to a Raw Diet: Maev could be more suitable, especially for owners who value the benefits of a raw food diet.

It’s essential for pet owners to consider their dog’s specific needs, preferences, and health conditions when choosing between these two brands.


Both Ollie and Maev provide high-quality dog food options, each with their unique benefits. The choice between them should be based on a careful consideration of your dog’s individual health, dietary needs, and your preferences in terms of convenience and feeding styles.

As responsible pet owners, it’s our duty to ensure that our pets are not just well-fed but also receive nutrition that contributes to their overall health and wellbeing.

Whether you choose Ollie for its tailored nutrition plans or Maev for its natural, raw diet, the most important thing is to provide a diet that supports your dog’s healthiest and happiest life.

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