In the contemporary world of dog nutrition, the shift towards premium food for Dogs has taken center stage. With brands promising healthier, more wholesome options for our furry friends, it’s essential to make informed decisions.

Two of the frontrunners in this race are Ollie and Nom Nom. But which one tops the charts?

Ollie Vs. Nom Nom Dog Food Reviews

Ollie and Nom Nom, two major contenders in the premium dog food arena, have been making waves. But how do they stack up against each other?

Let’s dive deep and uncover the mysteries behind these brands.

Ollie Dog Food: An In-Depth Exploration

Background & Brand History

Founded with a clear and passionate mission, Ollie sought to change the landscape of canine nutrition. Recognizing the gap in the market for truly nutritious dog food, Ollie set out to provide meals that are both delicious and beneficial for our furry friends.

Ollie Dog Food

They didn’t just stop at offering good food; they took it a step further. By collaborating with veterinarians, they developed recipes tailored for optimal canine health, ensuring that each dog, regardless of breed, age, or size, gets a meal that meets its specific nutritional needs.

Ingredients & Nutritional Value

Ollie prides itself on transparency when it comes to the ingredients used in their meals. They champion real, recognizable, and high-quality components in their recipes:

  1. Meats: Only the best cuts make it into Ollie’s meals. Whether it’s chicken, beef, or turkey, you can be sure that it’s human-grade and sourced responsibly.
  2. Vegetables: From crunchy carrots to sweet potatoes, Ollie ensures that the veggies in their meals not only add flavor but also contribute to the overall nutritional value.
  3. Superfoods: In a bid to make their meals even more nutritious, Ollie incorporates superfoods like chia seeds, blueberries, and spinach, which are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and essential minerals.

Every ingredient is carefully selected to provide a balanced blend of proteins, fats, and essential vitamins, ensuring that your dog gets a well-rounded and nutritious meal every time.

Packaging & Delivery

Ollie’s dedication to quality doesn’t end with the food. Understanding the importance of fresh and properly stored meals, they’ve invested significantly in their Packaging Process.

The brand uses eco-friendly, recyclable materials to package their meals, reducing the environmental footprint.

Moreover, to maintain the freshness of the meals, they are shipped with ice packs, ensuring that the food remains at the right temperature and arrives at your doorstep in the best possible condition.

Price & Subscription Options

Recognizing that every dog and dog owner is unique, Ollie offers a plethora of subscription options:

  1. Frequency: Depending on your dog’s appetite and your storage capabilities, you can choose how often you’d like your meals delivered.
  2. Meal Sizes: Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a massive Great Dane, Ollie has meal portions that suit every dog size.
  3. Budget Flexibility: Ollie provides various price points and packages, allowing pet parents to find an option that doesn’t strain their wallet while ensuring their pets get quality nutrition.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or, in this case, the dog food. Ollie’s commitment to quality and transparency has struck a chord with pet parents across the nation.

Scouring through reviews, it becomes evident that most users highly appreciate the brand’s dedication to canine health. Dogs seem to love the taste, and owners report seeing noticeable improvements in energy levels, coat shine, and overall health.

While the price point is a tad higher than conventional dog food, many believe that the benefits, both short-term and long-term, justify the investment. Ollie’s open-door policy on ingredient sourcing and its efforts towards sustainability have also helped build a community of loyal and trusting customers.

In the vast ocean of dog food brands, Ollie stands out, not just for its quality but also for its unwavering commitment to ensuring every dog gets the nutrition it deserves. Whether you’re a new pet parent or have been one for years, Ollie’s comprehensive approach to canine nutrition makes it a brand worth considering.

Nom Nom Dog Food: Delving Deeper

Background & Brand History

In a market flooded with countless dog food brands, Nom Nom has emerged as a beacon of transparency and top-notch quality. When founders Alex Jarrell and Nate Phillips launched Nom Nom, it wasn’t just about entering the pet food industry; it was about revolutionizing it.


Grounded in the philosophy that every dog, big or small, young or old, is deserving of meals that are fresh, wholesome, and devoid of fillers and artificial additives, Nom Nom set out to craft recipes that resonate with nature’s bounty.

Ingredients & Nutritional Value

A cursory glance at Nom Nom’s ingredient list is enough to convey their commitment to quality:

  1. Proteins: From succulent chicken to lean beef, Nom Nom incorporates only the finest quality meats, ensuring dogs get the protein punch necessary for their active lifestyles.
  2. Grains: Understanding the energy needs of dogs, Nom Nom integrates wholesome grains like quinoa and brown rice, providing the carbs necessary to keep those tails wagging all day.
  3. Veggies: Freshness is key, and with a medley of veggies like carrots, peas, and spinach, Nom Nom meals are as colorful as they are nutritious.
  4. Nutrient Profile: Beyond just the basics, their meals are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring that dogs receive a comprehensive and balanced diet.

Packaging & Delivery

Nom Nom’s commitment to the environment is evident in their sustainable packaging choices. The brand takes pride in using materials that have minimal environmental impact. Additionally, understanding the convenience factor, they’ve introduced pre-portioned meals.

This not only ensures that your dog gets the right amount of food every time but also significantly reduces food wastage. Their efficient delivery system ensures that these freshly made meals reach your doorstep still bursting with flavor and nutrition.

Price & Subscription Options

Nom Nom believes that quality nutrition shouldn’t break the bank. With this in mind, they’ve designed a spectrum of subscription models:

  1. Flexibility: Depending on your dog’s dietary needs and your convenience, you can adjust the frequency of deliveries.
  2. Meal Plans: Catering to dogs of all sizes, you can select meal portions that are just right for your fur baby.
  3. Affordability: With varied pricing options, Nom Nom ensures that pet parents can find a plan that aligns with their budget without compromising on the quality of the meals.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

The real test of any product lies in the feedback it receives. Nom Nom has consistently garnered positive reviews from a vast clientele. Dog owners often comment on the noticeable improvements in their pet’s energy levels, coat sheen, and overall vitality after switching to Nom Nom.

Digestibility, a significant concern for many, gets a big thumbs up, with many pet parents noting fewer digestive issues in their pets. But what truly sets Nom Nom apart is their stellar customer service.

Whether it’s addressing queries, accommodating special requests, or providing guidance on meal plans, the brand’s dedication to its customer base is palpable.

In a nutshell, Nom Nom has managed to carve a niche for itself by blending quality, affordability, and impeccable customer service. For those in search of a dog food brand that echoes their values and prioritizes their pet’s health, Nom Nom stands as a compelling choice.

Head-to-Head: Ollie vs Nom Nom

  • Ingredients & Quality: Both brands prioritize quality. While Ollie leans towards superfoods, Nom Nom emphasizes balanced, diverse meals.
  • Price & Value: Ollie, while offering premium quality, can be a bit steep. Nom Nom, on the other hand, provides a balance of cost-effectiveness and premiumness.
  • Delivery & Convenience: Both brands excel in timely deliveries, but Nom Nom edges out with its pre-portioned meals.
  • Customer Service & Support: While both brands have stellar support, Nom Nom’s proactive approach has garnered accolades.
  • Overall Dog Satisfaction: Pooches seem to relish both brands equally, making this a tight race!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ollie and Nom Nom suitable for all dog breeds?

Absolutely. Both brands cater to diverse breeds, ensuring tailored nutrition.

How do they source their ingredients?

Transparency is key. Both Ollie and Nom Nom are open about their sourcing, prioritizing ethical and quality suppliers.

Can I customize meal plans?

Yes, both brands allow meal customization based on your dog’s needs.

What about cancellations?

Both brands offer flexible cancellation policies, ensuring hassle-free experiences.

Food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Both Ollie and Nom Nom cater to special dietary needs, ensuring your dog gets the best.

In Conclusion

In the Ollie vs Nom Nom dog food debate, it’s evident that both brands bring a lot to the table. Your choice boils down to your dog’s unique needs and preferences.

Both brands have carved niches in the premium dog food world, promising health and happiness in every bite.

As a pet parent, armed with this knowledge, you’re now equipped to make the best choice for your furry family member. Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog!

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